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What Is Sclerotherapy?
Uses, Aftercare & Results

woman getting ready for her sclerotherapy session

Varicose and spider veins are a common problem faced by both men and women all over the world. Luckily, there is a common non-surgical procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of varicose and spider veins: Sclerotherapy.

The treatment itself is quite simple and non-invasive, as it involves injecting a solution called sclerosant directly into the vein. The sclerosant solution causes the vein to collapse and scar, eventually fading and redirecting the blood to healthy veins.

In this article, we will go over sclerotherapy, what to expect from this cosmetic procedure, and what the after treatment looks like.

Who Should Have Laser Skin Treatments?

Sclerotherapy is a first-line treatment, “the Gold Standard” for varicose and spider veins, commonly in the legs, that swell due to vein valve malfunctions, resulting in pain, itchiness, and discoloration.

The next logical question is when you should consider sclerotherapy, especially if you want to address varicose veins or spider veins. The longer you wait the more varicose and spider veins develop, leaving you self conscious about wearing shorts or dresses. The idea is to always consult with a provider you feel comfortable with that can help you decide if this treatment is suitable or not.

However, sclerotherapy is probably needed if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

What to Expect from the Procedure

Sclerotherapy treatment usually lasts 30-45 minutes. During the procedure, you will lie down and the provider will use a very fine needle to inject the solution into the varicose or spider vein.

The solution (sclerosant) will irritate the vein’s lining and cause a rash-like response around the injection site. This will last for a few hours. Over the next weeks the vein will collapse and block the blood flow. Then, the varicose or spider vein will transform into scar tissue and eventually disappear over the next several weeks.

The procedure is very quick and non-invasive, but some people may experience minor stinging when the doctor inserts the needle into the vein.

As far as the number of injections you will receive, that is going to depend on the number and size of varicose or spider veins you will be treating.

a professional applying a sclerotherapy injection to a woman's leg

After the Procedure

After the sclerotherapy treatment it is important to follow your post treatment instructions, there are some general indications you should take into account.

First of all, you should know that you will be able to get up and walk normally soon after the treatment. In fact, walking, moving, and stretching your legs is very important to prevent any potential blood clots.

You will need to refrain from exercise, saunas, steam rooms and hot showers for 72 hours.
It is completely normal to have some minor bruising or marks at the area of the injection.

In terms of things to avoid, it is suggested to refrain from extreme exercise two weeks after the procedure. During that time, you should also avoid sun exposure to the area of treatment because it can lead to dark spots on your skin.

Additionally, your doctor will probably ask you to wear compression stockings to help with recovery and prevent varicose veins from reforming.

Lastly, regular varicose and spider veins usually respond to the treatment in 3 to 8 weeks resulting in the disappearance of veins. Otherwise, additional treatments may be needed.

Sclerotherapy Costs & Insurance Coverage

As it usually happens in these cases, the cost of sclerotherapy is going to depend on the treatment, patient, and overall specific need. That said, treatments usually begin in the range of $300 and to increase in cost depending on the involvement of treatment.

Sclerotherapy most likely will not be covered by your insurance, unless the insurer considers the procedure to be medically necessary. You can consult with your health insurance for coverage policies and treatment details.

a professional applying a sclerotherapy injection to a woman's leg


Sclerotherapy is a minor, safe, and non-invasive procedure that is used to treat varicose and spider veins. As mentioned, injections shrink and collapse veins.

As a result, not only will varicose and spider veins disappear, resulting in better-looking legs and skin, but other uncomfortable symptoms like itching, swelling, and burning will also improve.

However, it’s key to discuss the benefits and risks of sclerotherapy with one of the providers at Complexion MedSpa & Aesthetics before committing to any procedure.

If you are interested in sclerotherapy, Complexion MedSpa & Aesthetics has a team of professionals that will make sure to provide you with a carefully crafted treatment that’s aligned with your personal situation, health needs, and goals.

Call the office today 252-773-0841 to schedule your consultation!

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