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How Frequently Should You Get a Full-Body Massage?

A man receives a full-body massage

One of the most frequent questions our massage therapists get is, “How often should I get a full-body massage?”

And while getting one every day would be a real treat, the truth is that you should find what your body needs based on your lifestyle, specific situation, and budget.

For example, the frequency of massage therapy will not be the same if you are working on an injury or medical issue as if you need to de-stress or pamper yourself.

With that in mind, today we will take a look at the different factors that go into consideration and the multiple types of body massages you can get at our massage spa at Complexion MedSpa & Aesthetics according to your needs.

Massage Therapy Frequency: Factors to Consider

There are multiple elements that the massage therapist will consider when trying to determine what type of massage and frequency you should receive.

First, the specialist will ask you about your goal, that is, what you are trying to achieve with your therapy, and what specific area you want to address.

For example, the average time frame for a full-body stress relief massage is around every 5 weeks.

Another thing to take into account is how often you use your body. Athletes and active people will probably require more frequent visits -around every 2-3 weeks or even less if they have a strain or particular tension.

Something similar goes for pregnant women at the end of pregnancy. It is common for them to get massages every 2 weeks to help with muscle aches, joint pains, and stress reduction, and to have an easier delivery.

As we said before, every body is unique and has different needs. Make sure to talk to a specialist masseuse to find out how often you should visit to address your needs and reach maximum health.

Types of Massages

Below, there is a list with all the different types of professional massages and body treatments you can get and their regular frequency:

A woman receives a full-body massage

As you can see, there is no “ideal” guideline for the number of massages you can receive. You need to talk to a specialist who can recommend the frequency that is right for you and your specific situation.

At Complexion MedSpa & Aesthetics, our professional massage therapists can provide a relaxing experience for both your body and mind, and help you achieve maximum health results.

They are trained and have the experience to offer a wide range of personalized massages and the most therapeutic techniques to start feeling radiant and tension free from head to toe.

From Sport Massages to Prenatal Sessions to Reflexology and Tension-Relief Therapies to all kinds of Massage Enhancements, call our office at 252-773-0841 and we will be happy to guide you to find the best massage therapy for you and your needs.

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