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In Which Cases Face Waxing Is a Good Option (And in Which Ones It Isn't)

Face waxing treatment for a woman

As far as aesthetic treatments go, face waxing is one that can seem a bit intimidating at first. Some people swear it’s the most effective way to remove stubborn hair from the root and keep it gone longer, but others complain about pain, redness and irritation.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the pros and cons of face waxing, while sorting facts from myths about this hair removal procedure. As with most beauty treatments, whether face waxing is a good option for you will depend on your lifestyle, personal preferences and, of course, your skin type. 

Face waxing benefits

First, let’s look at the advantages of waxing over other kinds of hair removal techniques and explore the scenarios in which it may be a good option for you.

Face waxing treatment for a woman

Lasts more than two weeks

Face waxing lasts longer than shaving since it pulls hair from the root instead of just cutting it at the surface of the skin. The speed at which facial hair grows varies from person to person, but you can expect your facial wax to leave your skin smooth for several weeks.

When waxing is not performed properly, breakage can occur. That means that instead of pulling the hair out by the root, it breaks off at surface level, causing it to grow back quickly (as if you’d shaved instead of waxed). Breakage tends to happen when the waxer lacks experience, either because they’re waxing at home or going to a novice aesthetician. 

Another waxing perk: the more you use this method, the longer each wax will last. The process of reducing hair growth takes time, but if it’s something you seek and you’re willing to be patient and stick to only waxing for a while, you will eventually be able to schedule your sessions less frequently. 

Precision hair removal

Removing hair on your face isn’t the same as, for example, getting rid of underarm or leg hair; it requires precision. Just imagine trying to shape your eyebrows with a standard razor or a depilatory cream—you’d be playing with fire. 

Professional face waxing is performed with fine strips and a steady hand, so you can rest assured that you won’t end up with a patch of eyebrow missing. Along with waxing, threading—a method that pulls up individual hairs from the root—is another option that scores well on the precision scale.

Lower risk of ingrown hairs

Face waxing treatment for a man

The truth is, all hair removal methods carry some risk of causing ingrown hairs. And they can happen to anyone, although they’re more likely to be a problem for people with thick, curly hair or on areas of the body where hair is more coarse, like the bikini line.

This is where face waxing for men comes in, since many curly-haired men struggle with ingrown beard hairs after shaving. While waxing does not eliminate all risk, it is effective in reducing those pesky irritated spots, since it pulls hair out at the root instead of cutting it. 

Hair waxing drawbacks

Like we mentioned before, not every aesthetic treatment is for everyone. Consider the following downsides to face waxing before deciding whether to proceed with it or pick another method.

Still wondering if face waxing is the right facial hair removal option for you? Feel free to contact us for a consultation if you have any questions about waxing or want to learn about other methods such as laser hair removal.

We’re here to help and give you a balanced look at the pros and cons of each technique, while always taking into account your lifestyle, budget, and skin type.

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