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As far as aesthetic treatments go, face waxing is one that can seem a bit intimidating at first. Some people swear it’s the most effective way to remove stubborn hair from the root and keep it gone longer, but others complain about pain, redness and irritation.
A man receives a full-body massage
One of the most frequent questions our massage therapists get is, “How often should I get a full-body massage?” And while getting one every day would be a real treat, the truth is that you should find what your body needs based on your lifestyle, specific situation, and budget.
mid-age woman with nice complexion smiling
One of the most common facial skin issues is open pores. No matter what skin type you have —oily, dry, normal, or combination— it contains millions of open pores, as this is how the skin “breathes” by releasing sebum (natural oil) onto the surface.
young woman with bright skin smiling
Looking for a safe, non-invasive way to get a glowy, youthful-looking skin? Your prayers have been answered because we have a simple cosmetic treatment that can help you with that: dermaplaning.
Laser skin treatments are used for multiple medical purposes, such as removing unwanted hair, evening out skin coloring or pigmentation, and eliminating unsightly veins of the face and body.
woman without wrinkles after a botox treatment
Discover what botox is and the many wonders this amazing and secure treatment can bring to your life: fewer wrinkles and fine lines, pain management, and more!

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